PCI phone payments

PCI phone payments, with its strict adherence to credit card security standards, makes it possible for your company to provide a high degree of security for the funds that your clients pay in their hands every time they make a purchase. When running at a hosted telco level, the full hosted solution removes all the sensitive payment card data from the contact centre infrastructure, making you more easily compliant with the PCI DSS.


The main objective of PCI phone payments is to safeguard the privacy of your clients, which would have otherwise been compromised by your business. Your business is not allowed to store this sensitive data on your premises, and this would make it easy for unauthorized third parties to access it.

The main objective of the software is to maintain confidentiality, but at the same time, it allows the card holder’s information to be accessed and altered if the business needs to use this information for any reason. It also prevents the information from being used without authorization and also stops fraudulent chargebacks from taking place. By using PCI phone payments, you can keep your customers’ credit card information safe, and to ensure that your business does not fall into the hands of any unscrupulous individuals that might want to abuse this sensitive personal data.


The use of PCI phone payments is the best way to protect against fraud since your clients can be made aware that they are responsible for the money that they pay out on time. If you suspect that your customers may be using their credit cards to make purchases at an impractically low price, then it is advisable to conduct a credit trace. Credit trace allows you to find out who the customers are, where they have bought the goods from, and even what they have purchased. With PCI phone payments, you can find out all this information about your clients and keep an eye on their spending habits.

One more advantage of this payment system is that it helps you track down any unexpected increase in your accounts payable. Since you only store payment details for transactions that have occurred, you are in control of whether or not you can deduct the amount that the customer has paid out, or you can request a refund to help offset the difference. This helps you to maintain accountability for the money that you spend.

PCI phone payments

You can also track any unauthorized charges, such as late payments. This is possible thanks to all the credit cardholder data that will be stored in the database. Also, you can easily track any new payment patterns. and trends, which can help you improve your service and increase the level of satisfaction of your customers.

Because of the strict security measures taken by PCI phone payments, it is possible to provide all the protection that you need for your clients, without having to spend a lot of money. For a single month, you will not be required to take on board a host of additional staff, and will still have the same level of security that you had before using a dedicated phone line.


If you are running your own business and are interested in using phone payments, many hosting providers offer a full range of features to meet your needs. Just ensure that they have a comprehensive package so that your customers can have peace of mind that the security measures are up to scratch.

The best thing about PCI phone payments is that it is completely secure, with no risk of your confidential data being stolen. Your clients will never be able to access personal details of yours unless you are providing them with the correct password. Even then, they cannot access sensitive financial data from your server, since your servers will be password protected.

Payment can be made in either local or international currencies. Both types of currencies are accepted, so if you run an international business, then you will not have to change currency often. The international feature is ideal for your customers since they will not have to worry about fluctuating exchange rates that could be affected by changes in the value of the dollar in their home country.

If you are thinking of using a PCI phone payment system, then make sure that you have a dedicated IP phone line. so that the phone payments system does not require a server. If you already have a server but are using a shared telephone line, then you will find that the phone payments software can provide you with a higher level of protection than you would otherwise be able to. This also makes it easier to get your payment system set up and running in the first place.

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